Club Bee


5th Apiary Meeting

Saturday 8 June 2024 at 2:00 pm

HSBKA Branch Apiary

As always the meeting will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable for opening beehives. Beginners please bring wellies and Marigolds.

Last week, we were unable to strim the site, so we will try again this week, so if you can bring a Strimmer and or a rake, it will be a great help.

The jobs today are:

  • Inspect each colony - what has happened since the last meeting?
  • If the colony is weak do we need to treat for Varroa later?
  • Inspect colonies for food, brood and disease and act accordingly.
  • Are the bees in the top super? If they are then add another super.
  • Are the queens present and laying?
  • Are there signs of swarming and if so act accordingly.
  • Review the a management plan for each hive and the apiary as a whole.


The postcode for nearby buildings is DY7 5AL . To access the apiary coming from Stourbridge on the A449 shortly after Prestwood Aquatics on the left, turn left onto The Oval / Boundary Lane ( Prestwood Farm Feeds is on the corner).

There is also a a sign to the Coach House cut into the stone on the corner.   Follow Boundary Lane over the river Stour and when the road splits, bear right through the iron gates and the log cabin is on the left.

You can park on the road by the Log Cabin

HSBKA Branch Apiary
Prestwood House
Boundary Lane
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