Club Bee


7th Apiary Meeting

Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 6:00 pm

HSBKA Branch Apiary

Prepare for the June Gap...

After you have taken your honey off, and Oil Seed Rape honey needs taking off on time, otherwise it sets and can't be extracted, you need to make sure the bees don't starve.

In the middle of June most of the early plants such as  apple blossom and Chestnut have finished flowering and the next set of flowers, such as Lime and Sweet Chestnut haven't started.  If the bees have no honey, big colonies will starve very quickly.

As always the meeting will be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable for opening beehives. Beginners please bring wellies and Marigolds.

The jobs today are:

  • Inspect colonies that have not swarmed - what has happened since the last meeting;
  • Are there signs of swarming in these colonies if so act accordingly
  • Inspect colonies for food and brood and act accordingly
  • Are there new queens present and laying in swarmed colonies?.
  • As always - review the a management plan for each hive and the apiary as a whole.


The branch apiary is located on the Stourbridge to Kidderminster road at Iverley.

From Stourbridge take the A451 signposted Kidderminster.  Travel up hill past the Crown Public House and leave the 40 mph limit.  As you descend from the crest of the hill the apiary is in 300 metres on your right, look out for the large tree covered mound in field behind the large oak tree.

From Kidderminster take A451 signposted Stourbridge, cross over the staggered junction of the Caunsall to Churchill road and the apiary  is in 600 metres on your left, look out for the tree covered mound of earth.

Park in the lay-by on the A451 just uphill from the apiary or on the verge by the large oak tree. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF PASSING TRAFFIC!

HSBKA Branch Apiary
OS SO 880 811