Club Bee


Gloucestershire BKA Auction

Saturday 7 May 2022 at 8:00 am

Royal Agricultural University

The Auction of Equipment will start at 12 noon and the Auction of Live Bees will start at 3pm. Lots will be taken from 8.00am to 11am ON THE DAY. Live Bees to be entered by 10.30am, and please no wet comb. All lots must be removed by 6pm. Refreshments will be available on site.

If you will be bringing live bees to sell, you must inform Bernie Danvers (01594) 825063  at least a week before the Auction giving your postal code and saying how many colonies you are selling.

General Enquiries: Rolf Ellis  (01242) 571175

Lot Enquiries: Bernie Danvers (01594) 825063


Get to the Auction early and get a Sellers Form (you can download it using to list the items you are selling. You need to put a description of the goods and any reserve price if you want. Give the form to a steward. Your goods will then get given a lot number and it will be fixed onto the goods. At the end of the auction check to see if all your goods have been sold. If there are items of yours that have not been sold then you must take them away.

Your money for your goods less 12.5% will be sent to you by cheque within 45 days from the day of the Auction.
If you are not sure about the lots you have for selling please phone Bernie Danvers in the evening on 01594 825063 and he will assure you on them.


On entry get yourself a Bidders card with a number on it. No one else will have that number except you. No bids can be taken without a bidder’s card. You must show this card when lots are knocked down to you.

You can now go and have a look at the lots and see what you want to buy. At 12 noon the auctioneer will start the auction, and you can bid for the lots you want.

Carry on bidding on all your lots you want to bid for. You can’t settle up until you have finished all your bidding. When you have finished take your bidders card to the main office and pay for your goods. There is no Auction commission to pay on top of the goods you are buying. You can pay by cash or cheque. You must then give up your bidders’ card.

You can now go and get your lots and have them checked, and ticked off your receipt by security so you can take them home.


  1. The Auction of Bees and Beekeeping equipment is being organised by the Gloucestershire Beekeepers’ Association, (hereinafter called ‘The Association’), acting solely in the capacity of agent between the buyer and seller.
  2. The Association will appoint Stewards to supervise the running of the Auction, and an Auctioneer to conduct the bidding. The Stewards have the right to refuse entry of any lots of bees or equipment without giving the reasons for doing so.
  3. ‘Buyers Number’ system will be used to speed up selling. Before the sale all prospective buyers must obtain a numbered card from the auction office giving their full name, address and phone number. Bids will normally be in steps of not less than £1.00 and bids will not be accepted without showing a bidder’s card to the auctioneer’s steward on concluding a successful bid. Only one bidder’s card will be issued to any individual for the full duration of the sale, and will not be re-issued under any circumstances. This Card must be surrendered to the auction office on settlement of your account at the end of the auction.
  4. The Auctioneer will have the right to accept or reject any bid, and in the case of any dispute the Auctioneer’s decision is final. All sales transactions, other than those carried out by an authorized equipment supplier, must be carried out via the official auctioneer, the Association reserves the right to charge commission if it becomes aware of private transactions taking place on the auction site.
  5. Lots are sold ‘as seen’ and the Association takes no responsibility for any statements or descriptions of the lot(s) made by or on behalf of the vendor, and no statement by any member of the Association will be deemed a guarantee of the value or worth of the lots sold.
  6. When selling several identical lots, the auctioneer may offer the bidders a ‘Buyers Option’. That is that the successful bidder for the first lot has the option on the remaining lots at the same price. If the offer is not taken, then normal bidding restarts.
  7. Commission will be charged to the Vendor at 12.5%. No commission is charged to the buyer or on any unsold lots.
  8. The Vendor must complete an Auction Entry Form, supplied by the Association and shall include the following information:-

(i)              The name, address and phone number of the Vendor

(ii)            A description of the goods

(iii)           Any reserve (if required)

(iv)           The signature of the vendor

The signature of the vendor confirms that they agree to abide by these rules and any directions or decisions of the Auctioneer, and auction stewards without reservation.

9.  Lots may only be entered on the day of the sale. Items will only be accepted at the auction site between 8.00am and 11.00am on the day of the sale. All items must be checked in by a steward, and details of each lot entered on an auction entry form, bidding will commence at 12.00 midday.

10. Lots of live bees may be entered for auction at the sale. Live bees must be entered by 10.00am. Please let Bernie (01594) 825063, know a week before the Auction that you will be bringing live bees. They must be sold (subject to any reserve) on a ‘guaranteed condition basis’, as stated by the vendor, in writing, on the auction entry form. The Association will not be held liable for any deficiency or misrepresentation by the vendor, nor enter into any arbitration on behalf of the purchaser should there be any form of dispute with the vendor at any time.

11. Precautions against disease: The Auction stewards have the right to refuse to admit any lots to the auction, on the grounds that they may give rise to the risk of transmission of bee disease. All Bees offered for sale must be free from disease, and all equipment offered for sale must be clean and in good serviceable condition. All stocks of bees will be checked on the day by our Bee Disease Inspector and those bees that are disease free will be entered into the auction. No wet drawn comb of any kind will be accepted for sale.

12. Lots become the property of the buyer at the drop of the hammer. Unsold lots and lots failing to reach their reserve price remain the responsibility of the Vendor.

13. Payment must be made on the day of the sale, before goods are removed and can be by cash or cheque. No credit or debit cards will be accepted.

14. No lots may be removed from the auction site without a copy of the purchase receipt form issued by the auction office, after payment has been made, for all of the lots bought by any individual bidder. For security reasons all lots leaving the auction will be checked against the purchase receipt. Small items will be retained by the auction stewards and will be released at the end of the sale on production of the payment receipt form bearing the appropriate lot number.

15.Payment to vendors, after deduction of commission, will be by cheque about 45 days after the Auction.

16. All lots must be removed from the auction site by 6.00pm on the day of the sale. The association reserves the right to dispose of lots left on site after this time, and a minimum disposal charge of £25 will be levied.

17. The Association will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, illness or accident, whatever the cause, occurring before, during or after the Auction.

THE VENUE IS Royal Agricultural University

Leave the M5 at junction 11A and take the A417 for Cirencester.  As you enter Cirencester turn onto the A429 sighposted Stroud
the Royal Agricultural University is on the left hand side in about 1 kilometre.

Ample car parking on site as directed

Royal Agricultural University
Stroud Road